PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome)

PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infection).


Problems with mood, behavior and neurological functioning in children can be caused by untreated infections that trigger an autoimmune response. Often, these changes occur with a “sudden onset” of symptoms, although it is also possible that the symptoms become more apparent over time.


There are few doctors in the Netherlands (or in Europe) currently diagnosing and treating PANS/ PANDAS patients. NovioMedic’s interest in complex illnesses, combined with the clinic’s ability to offer specialized testing and treatments, has resulted in parents seeking advice and services from our clinic for their children who suffer from PANS/PANDAS.

What are PANS and PANDAS

PANS/PANDAS, along with Sydenham Chorea, are conditions that fall under the Post-infectious Autoimmune Encephalopathy diagnosis.


PANS is a clinical diagnosis given when a child suffers a sudden, acute onset of neuropsychiatric symptoms. These symptoms result from brain inflammation caused by a misdirected immune response to infectious triggers and/or other inflammatory reactions such as environmental triggers. Children diagnosed are often found to have genetic and/or metabolic disruptions that have left their immune systems vulnerable. PANS is a clinical diagnosis and one of exclusion, where other known medical diseases that could otherwise explain the symptoms need to be ruled out.

PANDAS is an autoimmune condition initially triggered by one or more Strep infections, which disrupt a child’s normal neurologic activity. PANDAS occurs when the immune system produces antibodies that are intended to fight an infection, but mistakenly attack healthy tissue in the child’s brain. This results in inflammation of the basal ganglia and a sudden onset of movement disorders, neuropsychiatric symptoms and abnormal neurologic behaviors. While strep is the initial trigger, PANDAS patients can have recurrent exacerbations in their symptoms later in the disease when exposed to other (non-Strep) infections.


Exacerbations of symptoms in PANS/PANDAS are referred to as “flares.”

Diagnosing PANS/PANDAS

NovioMedic is able to evaluate your child according to the diagnostic criteria established by the PANDAS Physicians Network. NovioMedic will take into consideration information you have gathered from your huisarts and/or other specialists. If additional information is needed, NovioMedic can order specialized testing and/or coordinate with your huisarts to secure referrals to other specialists to fill in any gaps in information that are beyond NovioMedic’s own assessment methods.

Specialized Testing

NovioMedic can order specialized testing available through ProHealth. This testing includes Lyme and co-infections, gut flora/health, food intolerances and the Cunningham Panel™. The Cunningham Panel™ is a panel of blood tests that does not specifically diagnose PANS/PANDAS, but it can contribute to the diagnostic picture. The Cunningham Panel™  measures the level of antibodies attacking certain proteins in the brain, causing inflammation and abnormal behaviors. High levels indicate that an individual may have an infection-induced autoimmune disorder.

Treatment Plan

NovioMedic will create a treatment plan aimed at eliminating infections, reducing inflammation and supporting the immune system. 

Infusions/IVIG Treatment

NovioMedic offers infusions that support the treatment of infections, the reduction of inflammation and promote detoxification. All of these strategies contribute to a comprehensive treatment plan benefitting PANS/PANDAS patients.


When a child’s course of illness supports the use of IVIG, NovioMedic is able and experienced at offering this treatment option.

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